FOOTBALL INVESTMENT Organisation is bet tips rendering service platform that ensure its members success using all legal possible means (sourcing with funds from a world class PUNTERS platform, Our group of experienced team working and picking from our Bet Tip Software.)  Collaborating all these vital source of information and keeping stable minimum level of bet odds will surely leads us to a PROFITABLE Business...
That is why we are called FOOTBALLINVESTMENT.ORG .
  1. Click to signup on any of our packages (basic / advance / premium), you will be directed to a page where your details will be needed (pls note phone numbers are needed to always receive an alert whenever your tip is ready for the day in this format e.g 234 {if your number is 08012345678} you will type in 2348012345678).
  2.  Next after registering it will tell you your account is yet to be activated pls click the menu button go to your username and click it the (complete your payment) to be activated this step takes you to the payment page where you have different options of payments like the bank transfer, ATm card payments, Bitcoin and perfectmoney. once payment is made the admin grants you an automatic entrance after payment confirmation to the member's board area.
  3. You are entitled to you daily bet tip of the odds you subscribe to on or before 10am every day for 30days. the breakdown of your odds sent to you member's area daily for 30 days are listed and profits comes in even before the end of the 30 days (rollerovers are allowed only for 2days).
  4. As an active member you are entitled to free articles revealing different tricks fraudster uses to defraud people on bet tip issues, and free bet winning strategies that can help you grow money faster and safer.
  5. We will give our members / investors the sum of N10000 or N20000 respectively according to the plan he or she joins if he or she is not in profit after 30 days of getting our odds games, it is called compensation fee. 
  6. No game must be added to our Tips.
  7. A MUST... Games will be sent to your member area so as to collect winning and loosing data to enable compensation plan at the end of the month.
  8. Your membership fee is to show that you are serious and will be forfeited if you don't pay your winning commission.
  9. When you register and don't pay, the system will not log you in to the member area to pick games and have access to lots of free information that can help you succeed on betting.
  10. All members gets different games.. so don't bother sharing.. we are only responsible for our member's Compensation fee.
Football bet isn't 100% .. but we can coin out PROFIT for you.
abide by our rules.

This is a software that works only on windows operating systems.You will be given a user name and password to access the platform where you can pick lots of game using the level of Accuracy it brings. (one login details for one system) double logins crashes the files. works only for a season . {2018 / 2019} is available now.
  • How am i sure the bet odds games generated are right?          

       Like we have said earlier on 85% winning is assured if you have it along side with the tutorial guide (video and manual).
My question to you is also ,
1.what generates odds on the betting sites where you place the games on daily basis?
2.Can it be the humans behind the betting website?
click here to see how it looks